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Fundamentals of Seismic Acquisition, Processing, Imaging and Interpretation

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Course overview

The overall objective is to introduce E&P professionals to the key concepts and principles that form the basis for value added seismic applications in exploration, field appraisal, and reservoir management. Learning objectives are at basic awareness and knowledge levels. Emphasis is on practical understanding of seismic acquisition, processing, imaging, interpretation and extraction of geological and petrophysical information. The course also briefly covers non-seismic geophysical applications and overall is equivalent to a basic Introduction to Applied Geophysics course.

Data examples, exercises, and workshops are used to illustrate key concepts, practical issues, and pitfalls as they affect the application of seismic data, interpretation and information in E&P workflows. The practical aspects of seismic interpretation are covered with examples that involve structural mapping, stratigraphic analysis, and quantitative methods.

After participating in this course the attendee will:

  • Recognize the different types and uses of geophysical methods
  • Understand the operating principles and key parameters for applying the seismic method
  • Be able to explain how seismic data is acquired and processed
  • Understand the different seismic methods used in land, marine and borehole environments
  • Understand the different types of seismic interpretation and their outputs
  • Recognize how seismic can add value in exploration, reservoir development and reservoir management
  • Be able to list the most important steps in seismic acquisition, processing or interpretation projects
  • Be able to communicate effectively with company geophysical staff

The course is designed for

Entry level geophysicists, geologists and also petroleum engineers who need an overview of seismic techniques.

Course outline

Seismic Interpretation with Hands on Workshops

  • Trap Definition thru Seismic Interpretation
  • Structural Mapping
  • Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation

Special Techniques for Reservoir Prediction and Characterization

  • Inversion and Attributes
  • Amplitude versus offset
  • Multicomponent (4C)
  • 4D / Time Lapse
  • Borehole Seismic
  • Role of Geophysics in Integrated Reservoir Studies


  • Introduction/ Role of Geophysics in E&P
  • Overview of non-seismic geophysical techniques
  • Basic Seismic Principles
  • Wave Propagation
  • Reflection Principles and Resolution
  • Signal Geometry and Positioning

Seismic Acquisition

  • Principles
  • 3D Survey Design
  • Acquisition Implementation and Operations

Seismic Processing

  • Seismic Processing Principles and Work Flows
  • Pre-stack Analysis and Signal Corrections
  • Velocity Analysis for Stacking
  • Static Corrections
  • Migration and Imaging


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