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Seismic Interpretation and Petroleum Geology

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Course overview

The course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary for a correct seismic interpretation, using practice techniques and dataset to interpret real case study of different geodynamics context from around the globe, onshore and offshore. The course is also though to approach the seismic data from the petroleum exploration point of view, with an overview of the main DHI indicators and the use of the more recent software and technologies of the petroleum industry. Although contents do not compromise with science and technology, language is purposely kept plain. Industry jargon is not indulged with but attendants, at the end, are expected to gain the necessary familiarity with it.

The course is designed for

Professionals (engineers, geologists, geophysicists) of oil companies and institutions who want to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of petroleum geophysics and seismic interpretation

Learning objectives

  • To give an overview of key principles of petroleum geology and fundamentals knowledge at the basis of an affective seismic interpretation
  • Provide several examples from around the globe aiming to offer an overview of different challenges and complexity associated with variable basin and tectonic settings and depositional environments

Course outline

Overview of structural features seen in seismic and techniques used for seismic interpretation, exercises & real case study

Examples from different basins, tectonic setting and depositional environments worldwide, exercises

Demo seismic 3D using Petrel and Opentect/Gb softwares

Basis on Basin Exploration, Trapping structures and relative sedimentary and tectonic setting, exercises

Principles and fundamentals of HC generation

Fundamental of seismology applied to HC E&P, principles of DHI detection and interpretation


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"I deepened my knowledge regarding geostatistics. Thank you so much!"
- Itochu Oil, Japan

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