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Managed Pressure Drilling

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Course overview

This course is an introduction course and presents the students Managed Pressure Drilling techniques, design and equipment. The course starts with an overview of the MPD techniques such as constant bottom hole pressure and mud cap drilling operations. The course then presents the MPD techniques and equipment including deepwater MPD equipment. The operational aspects of MPD are addressed towards the end of this course.

The course is designed for

Course is designed for engineers, supervisors, rig personnel and service providers that are using or about to use MPD techniques. Wellbore pressure concepts are provided in this course and candidates should be familiar with basic hydrostatic calculations.

Course objectives and outcomes

Objectives of this course are to provide the students with a good understanding of the various aspects of managed pressure drilling. The student will gain knowledge of planning for MPD operations and gain knowledge of the equipment and operational requirements for both onshore, offshore and deepwater MPD operations.

At the end of the course the students will be able to

  • Design MPD operations both constant bottom hole pressure and mud cap operations
  • Design the engineering aspects of MPD
  • Understand well control aspects of MPD

Course outline

Day 3: Equipment and Operations

This last day of the course starts with a detailed review at the MPD surface equipment both for land, offshore and deepwater drilling operations. The candidates are introduced to MPD operations from initiating the operations to drilling, tripping and casing and cementing operations including the well control aspects of MPD.

  • MPD equipment
    • Surface Equipment
    • Down hole Equipment
  • MPD operations
    • Finger Printing
    • Tripping
    • Running Casing
    • MPD Cementing
    • MPD Well Control Operations
  • Day 3 Exercises; MPD Cementing, Well Control Aspects.

Day 1: Introduction

The first day the candidates are exposed to what managed pressure drilling is all about and how and where it is used. The history of MPD is presented together with the variants of managed pressure drilling. The static and dynamic pressure concepts in a well are presented to ensure that candidates understand the MPD issues with regards to bottom hole pressures.

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • What is Managed Pressure Drilling
  • History of MPD
  • Managed Pressure Drilling Variants
  • Wellbore Pressures
  • Pore Pressures
  • Equivalent Circulating Density
  • Losses
  • Day 1 Exercises; Pressure Calculations

Day 2: MPD Variants

The second day of the course starts with a more detailed overview of the managed pressure drilling variations.  The variants of MPD are covered in some detail. The well design aspects of Managed Pressure Drilling and the candidate selection process is explained.

  • Underbalanced Drilling
  • Constant Bottom Hole Drilling
  • Mud Cap Drilling
  • Continues Circulation Systems
  • Dual gradient Drilling
  • Deepwater MPD
  • MPD Well Design
  • Day 2 Exercises: Well design calculations


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