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Advanced Well Cementing

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Course overview

Cementing is a critical function in well construction and maintenance. It is required to understand cement and additive chemistry, as well as lab procedures, placement and evaluation methods. After the completion of the course, the participants will be able to design, supervise the execution and perform cement job evaluation.

The course is covering the design, execution and evaluation of primary cementing such as cement and cementing additive selection, laboratory testing, cement placement, gas migration control, long term cement zonal isolation, cement bond log evaluation as well as remedial cementing (plug & squeeze). Case histories in complex environment such as deepwater, HPHT and horizontal wells will also be studied.

The participants will practice job design exercises, cementing calculations, as well as evaluation methods of cementing jobs using actual well data. Demos and case histories of cement design and software will be performed.

The course is designed for

  • Drilling / Completion / Production / Intervention Engineers
  • Well Site Leaders and Superintendents
  • Service Company Technical, Operation and Field Management Personnel
  • Drilling / Completion / Production / Intervention Managers
  • Persons responsible for all aspects of well construction and operation
  • Personnel responsible for all aspects of well construction and operation

Course outline

Cementing for Deepwater Applications


Cementing for Horizontal Well Applications


Loss Circulation Prevention while Cementing

Cementing Equipment and Casing Hardware 


Cementing Calculations

Cement Job QA/QC and Evaluation


Cement Bond Log Interpretation


Plug Cementing


Squeeze Cementing

Introduction to Primary & Remedial Cementing


Objectives of Well Cementing

Characterization of API Cements 

Cement Additives and Functions 

Laboratory Testing, Equipment & Procedures


Rheology of Cementing Slurries 

Flow Regimes & Mud Removal


Cement Spacers 


Centralization & Pipe Movement

Cement Placement Simulators 

Mechanical Properties of Well Cements


Cement Integrity Simulators 

Formation Fluid Migration Prevention

Cementing for High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) Applications 



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"The course was well presented for the operations personnel and senior engineers in attendance."
- NCOC, Kazakhstan

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