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Introduction to Process Safety

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Course overview

The course provides a comprehensive overview of process safety in the gas processing industry addressing key considerations in the safe design and operation of these facilities, including a review of historical incidents and root causes.

The course is designed for:

  • Technical, commercial and management staff that require a high level technical overview of process safety in the hydrocarbon processing industry
  • Personnel within the industry
  • Technical support staff entering the industry
  • Technical staff who want to expand their understanding of the industry
  • Students considering the industry as a career

Course outline

Fire and Explosion Protection

Inherently Safe Design (ISD)
LOPA in design
Active protection systems
Passive protection systems

Site Layout and Equipment Spacing Guidelines

Site and unit layouts
Storage layout (tanks)
Control room location
Grading and drainage
Offshore layout considerations

Safety Issues for Specific Plant Systems

Piping systems
Fired equipment
Pumps and compressors
Storage tanks
Utility systems

Process Monitoring and Control

Fire and Gas Detection
Alarm systems
SIL levels and safety instrumented systems
Control loops e.g. anti-surge control
Shutdown systems
Suppression systems



Hazards of Hydrocarbons

Specific hazards associated with LPG, LNG, sour gas
Hydrates, corrosion, erosion

Combustion Behaviour of Hydrocarbons

Flammability limits
Fire triangle
Explosions including BLEVES and UVCE
Fireballs, jet fires, pool fires
Sources of ignition

Historical Incidents

A review of some of the major process safety incidents in the industry
Lessons learned
Using incident data to make risk-based decisions



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"Practical issues and real life situations made this training very useful."
- NCOC, Kazakhstan

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