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Major Emergency Management

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Course overview

In the aftermath of the Piper Alpha disaster in the North Sea, it was realised that emergency management required additional skills to those practised in day-to-day operational management. In the Cullen report, which followed on from the Piper Alpha enquiry, a series of recommendations were made to address the problems inherent in assuming that persons managing operations were automatically competent to manage emergencies. As a result, formal emergency management competency training and assessment of offshore platform and onshore plant managers became mandatory for all companies in the North Sea and many others around the world. This course is designed to ensure that relevant personnel become aware of and understand all of the requirements for major emergency management (MEM) to OPITO standards.

The course is designed for:

All persons with responsibility for managing emergencies.

Learning objectives

The main objectives of this course are to ensure that:

  • Relevant personnel understand the major differences between operational and emergency management
  • ER personnel are prepared to manage emergencies at all times
  • Understand the dangers of emergency scenario escalation, and the preventative steps required
  • RER managers can quickly identify the differing levels of emergencies, and react in an appropriate manner
  • Purposeful check-lists and plans are developed on-site, covering all potential emergency situations
  • The physiological and psychological aspects of emergency management are clearly understood, and learn about self-control measures
  • ER managers clearly understand the importance of good communications skills
  • Credible emergency scenarios are in place for on-site exercises
  • The importance of developing emergency response plans and practising scenarios regularly and frequently is recognised

Course outline

ER Procedures


ER Accountabilities and Responsibilities


ER Escalation


ER Scenarios


Accounting for Personnel


Emergency Communications

Risk Management


Levels of Emergency and Escalation

Crisis Management

Emergency Management Team (EMT)

Emergency Response (ER)

Emergency Response Plan


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