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Operations Geology

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Learning objectives

  • Understand and apply the practices and procedures of planning and executing wells
  • Recognise the input from a range of disciplines into the well planning and execution process and how this can impact operations geoscience
  • Develop written and verbal communication strategies for successfully managing integrated teams of varying disciplines

The course is designed for

All operational geoscientists and engineers who are involved in well planning and execution. 


Course outline

  • Well execution
    • Drilling operations
    • 24 hour monitoring and real time decision making
    • Communications with simulation exercises
  • Learning
    • Measurement of performance against objectives
    • Recording subsurface understanding and geological related drilling lessons learned
  • Understanding the role of the operational geoscientist
  • Target identification, definition and selection
  • Preliminary well design
    • Hazard and risk identification and mitigation
    • Basic well construction
  • Detailed well design
    • PPFG
    • Geomechanics
    • Formation Evaluation
    • Operational decision trees
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Partner engagement
    • Subcontractor engagement
    • Documentation and reporting


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