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Fundamentals of LNG and the Value Chain

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Course overview

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the LNG industry addressing many of the technical, project specific and commercial issues associated with export and import terminals and addressing the future of LNG, including the growth of FLNG, small-scale LNG and the use of FSRU regasification units.

The course is designed for

  • Technical, commercial and management staff that require a high level technical overview of the LNG industry.
  • Personnel within the industry
  • Technical support staff entering the industry
  • Technical staff who want to expand their understanding of the industry
  • Students considering the industry as a career

Course outline

LNG Shipping

Introduction to ship containment systems
Shipyard selection
Ship designs (AtlanticMax, Q-max)
Draft limitations
BOG re-liquefaction

Floating LNG

The case for FLNG – stranded gas
FLNG project update
Specific FLNG challenges including space, safety, offloading, marinisation

Regasification terminals and energy recovery, including FSRUs

Layout and equipment
Alternative vaporiser designs
Cold energy
FSRUs and SRVs

Small-scale, mid-scale and peak shavers

The growth in small and mid-scale LNG
Technology changes for small-LNG
Peak shaver terminals


Factors influencing CAPEX and OPEX
Construction challenges

Introduction to LNG Safety

Historical incidents
Safety in design

Introduction to LNG Permitting

Including US FERC requirements

The Future

What does the future look like for LNG


Introduction to LNG

The role of LNG in the global energy market and historical development of LNG trade

The LNG Value Chain

LNG liquefaction

Commercial issues

Alternative commercial models
FOB, DES, spot markets.
Linkage to oil and HH indices

Technical fundamentals

LNG properties and conversions
Heating values, Wobbe, interchangeability and market specifications

Gas processing basics

LNG process overview
Feed Contaminant

Major equipment and plant layout

Main cryogenic heat exchanger selection
Refrigerant compression
Jetty, loading and marine systems
Plant layout

Refrigeration and LNG liquefaction – including cycle selection

Overview of liquefaction
Main LNG refrigeration cycles including C3MR, DMR, SMR, Cascade



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"Great course, it provided me a broad picture of the Oil and Gas Industry. I would highly recommend the course to early industry entrants like myself."
- Jo-Loo Carlos, BMO Capital Markets, United Kingdom

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