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Introduction to Petroleum Geophysics

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Course overview

The course provides a mostly non-mathematical introduction to the fundamental principles and current practices of petroleum geophysics, and is suitable for management as well as non-technical and technical staff. Participants will develop the ability to communicate intelligently with geophysicists at a basic, but practical level to improve cross- and inter- discipline integration and efficiency. Lectures are supplemented with simple exercises and case histories throughout the tailorable course.

The course is designed for

  • Geologists, Engineers and Technical Staff working with/for Geophysicists
  • Non Technical Managers
  • Technical Support Staff entering the industry
  • Students considering a career in geophysics
  • Teachers/Instructors considering adding geophysics to their subject matter

Course outline

Seismic Interpretation & Mapping

Objectives & Pitfalls
Ambiguity & Uncertainty
Map Making Exercise

Direct Hydrocarbon Detection

Rock & Fluid Properties
Seismic Attributes & AVO
Seismic Inversion & Reservoir Characterisation
Case Histories

Time Lapse (4D) Seismic

Reservoir Monitoring & Management

Gravity, Magnetics and Microseismic Methods

Subsurface Imaging

The Layered Earth
Elastic Wave Propagation
Simplifying Assumptions
Time Domain Essentials

Seismic Wavelet and Reflection Concepts

The Reflection Point
The Seismic Wavelet: Amplitude, Phase, Interference & Tuning
Seismic Resolution

Seismic Data Acquisition

2D v. 3D
Land, Marine & In Between

Seismic Velocities

Definitions and Assumptions
Measuring/Estimating Velocities
Seismic to Well Calibration
Time to Depth Conversion

Seismic Data Processing

Data Conditioning and “Corrections”
Use of Models
Seismic Migration


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- JOGMEC, Japan

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