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Well Integrity Management

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Course overview

This scenario-based course provides participants with an understanding of well integrity. The course takes candidates through all the five life cycle phases of a well. Starting with well design, construction, operation, maintenance and abandonment and it addresses the well integrity issues associated with each of these life cycle phases. Participants are provided a well proposal sheet and using that will work through all the life cycle phases of a well. The well that is used for the course can be a land well, an offshore platform well or a subsea well.

Course objectives and outcomes

Objectives of this course are to provide the participants with a good understanding of well integrity and the associated barriers and controls that must be in place to ensure well integrity. The course is based on ISO 16530 and ensures that all the aspects are addressed.

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

    • Understand the reasons for implementing a well integrity program.
    • Understand the barrier requirements and the different barriers that are being used.
    • Understand well integrity requirements for all the life cycle phases of a well.
    • Understand the well barriers during each phase of construction, design and operations.
    • Understand the contingency planning that needs to be done for each phase.

The course is designed for

This course is designed for engineers, managers, service providers and production teams that are actively involved in well operations in any of the life cycle phases of a well.

Course outline

Day 3: Maintenance, Intervention and abandonment

Well maintenance
Replacement parts
Maintenance Frequency
Integrity failure ranking
Well failure model
Well intervention
Well intervention objectives
Well handover
Well intervention program
Well Barriers
Well Abandonment
Well abandonment objectives
Well barriers
Barrier material selection
Barrier placement, configuration and redundancy
Well barrier verification

Day 1: Introduction / Well Design

Lost well integrity cases
Well Integrity Management
Risk Assessments
Equipment Performance standards
Well Design
Basis of Design
Detailed Design
Contingency Planning

Day 2: Well Construction and Operations

Well Construction
Wellhead movement
Wellhead Seals
Tubular Connections
Casing Wear
Casing shoe testing
Well Operations
Well barriers
Performance standards and Leak rates
Well monitoring and surveillance
Well operating limits
Corrosion / Erosion monitoring and prevention
Annular pressure management


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