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Pipeline Corrosion and Integrity Management

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Course overview

Pipeline Corrosion and Integrity Management provides a comprehensive overview of pipeline corrosion monitoring / control and integrity management for safe and reliable oil and gas transport operations.

The course begins with a high-level overview of the business case for pipeline corrosion / integrity management and then summarizes the format and use of Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) systems to achieve this. Pipeline risk assessment and management is reviewed in some detail and the use of risk based maintenance / inspection processes described. PIM implementation for monitoring, testing and inspection is explained , including corrective actions and repairs. Emergency response and performance management is discussed. The last day is mainly devoted to internal and external corrosion monitoring, control and mitigation. 

The course is designed for

Professionals who work in pipeline engineering, operations and maintenance, including mechanical, process and pipeline engineers, operations managers and supervisors, safety / process safety professionals and senior level leaders who need to better understand pipeline corrosion and integrity management.

Course outline

PIM Implementation
Monitoring and testing
Inspections and corrective actions
Emergency response
Performance management

Internal / external types and monitoring
Corrosion mitigation


Introductions / Business Case

PIM Systems
Main components
Regulations and standards
R&Rs of key personnel

Risk Assessment and Management
Pipeline threats
Risk analysis
Risk based maintenance and inspection


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