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AVO and Seismic Inversion

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Course Objectives

To describe the processes of AVO (Amplitude vs Offset), and Seismic Inversion, emphasizing on the techniques for obtaining acoustic impedance and "elastic" impedances from the amplitudes of the reflection seismic traces, as well as giving an introduction of those based on the use of attributes of the seismic trace for the estimation of rock parameters.

The course is designed for

Geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers with some basic knowledge of the seismic reflection method.

Course outline

Azimuthal AVO

Poststack Inversion Techniques

  • Relative Inversion
  • Coloured Inversion
  • Recursive Inversion with a Low Frequency Component
  • Model-based inversion
  • Stochastic Inversion

Prestack Inversion Techniques

  • Simultaneous Inversion
  • Elastic Impedance
  • Extended Elastic Impedance

Introductión to the Methods for Classification and Estimation base on seismic attributes


Seismic Waves: P and S

The Seismic Reflection Process – AVO - AVA

  • Oblique vs Normal Incidence
  • Zoeppritz’s Equations
  • AVO/AVA Curves

The Convolutional Model of the Seismic Trace

Thin Bed Effect – Seismic Resolution

Pre-requisites for the AVO and Inversion Processes

  • Acquisition
  • Process

Some Rock Physics Concepts

  • Elastic Modules
  • Elastic vs Petrophysical Parameters
  • P and S Velocities
  • Rock Physics Templates

Data Analysis and Validation

  • Quality of Well Logs
  • Quality of Seismic Data
  • Time-Depth Correlation
  • Synthetic Seismograms

AVO Processing

  • Approximation to Zoeppritz’s equations
  • Distance-Angle Relation
  • Generation of “Elastic Reflectivities”


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