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Introduction to Safety Case

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Learning objectives

Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:

    • Apply the latest techniques and procedures on developing and using the HSSE case
    • Discuss the history and background of HSE Case concept with clear understanding of the difference between “prescriptive” HSE regimes and “goal setting” processes using Qualitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
    • Carryout the legislative requirements associated with HSE Case development and implementation
    • Identify HSE case sufficiency as per Safety Case Regulations (SRC)
    • Illustrate the company reputational benefits derived from HSE Case implementation
    • Compose plan and diagrams of all necessary operations equipment details of the location
    • Describe operational arrangements and limits for areas with the potential to cause a major accident
    • Explain the necessary auditing and reporting requirements
    • Develop and apply the Hazard & Effects Management Process (HEMP) as applied in managing major risks and hazards
    • Describe and apply the principles of “As Low As Reasonably Practical” (ALARP) philosophy including quantification of individual risk
    • Employ upstream HSE Case, encompassing all inherent design and operational risks and hazards through the use of qualitative and quantitative studies data
    • Define HSE Case and company HSE management systems and relate & combine to provide a healthier and safer environment
    • Identify processes to ensure the clarity of duty holders roles and responsibilities with a system for safe transfer of responsibility and acceptance of risk
    • Define the requirements for full alignment with the HSE Case assessors conclusions within the relevant statutory provisions
    • Ensure that the HSE Case is maintained and improved throughout the life cycle of the facility incorporating an integral element of organizational controls

The course is designed for:

    • Managers
    • Senior supervisors
    • HSE specialists

Course outline

Review Operational Equipment Plans and Diagrams for Inclusion in HSE Case

Develop Outline of HSE Case Elements

Alignment with HSE Case Assessors Conclusions

Discuss Need for Alignment with HSE Case Assessors Conclusions

HSE Case Auditing and Reporting Requirements

HSE Case Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

HSSE Case History and Background

Qualitative Data Gathering

Identifying and Assessing Major Risks and Hazards

Eliminating and Mitigating Major Risks and Hazards (HEMP & ALARP)

Discuss how HSE Case and Company SMS Relate and Combine

Development of Duty Holders Roles and Responsibilities Process


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