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Reservoir Characterization

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Course overview

The course provides a full understanding of the key and critical elements controlling the reservoir heterogeneity and quality distribution. At the same time it will explore the thought processes used in the industry to address and handle the subsurface uncertainties in order to optimise the identification of hydrocarbon in place, define reserves and additional scope for recovery. The large set of exercises and real case history presented during this course, selected from different geological and business environments, will provide clear examples of the value of conducting a sound reservoir characterisation work flow in support to both exploration appraisal and production activities.

The course is designed for

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Anyone with a specific interest in the topic

Learning objectives

  • To provide the skills and expertise to set up a reservoir characterization study taking into account all the various aspects which control subsurface opportunities and uncertainties
  • To provide a deep understanding supported by numerous case studies in different reservoir contexts (clastic and carbonates) of integrated reservoir characterization finalized to build a work flow taking into consideration a multidisciplinary approach
  • To learn to develop skills and expertise for effective hydrocarbon development planning which may lead to how to identify opportunity to increase proven reserves, discovering by-passed pay, accelerating development time while reducing costs, improving production rates, and rejuvenating old fields, etc.

Course outline

Aims of Reservoir Characterization

Clastic reservoirs: types, characteristics and challenges
Carbonate reservoir: types, characteristics and challenges
Fractured reservoirs: types, characteristics and challenges

Fundamentals of Integrated reservoir characterization approach

The exploration and Production mindsets
The integration of disciplines: a multi-expertise approach
Identification of opportunities and threats: how to go about it?

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