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Pipelines Engineering

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Course overview

This course will cover the topics of design, construction and operation of onshore gas, liquid and multiphase oilfield pipelines.

Learning objectives

Basics of this subject shall be covered from Process Engineering point of view with some emphasis on pipeline engineering discipline. Differences between on-plot piping and pipelines, scope boundaries, basics of pipeline design, components of pipeline systems, including on-plot connectivity shall be discussed. Integrity issues and monitoring using intervention and non-intervention methods shall be discussed.

The course is designed for

  • Pipeline Engineers;
  • Process Design Engineers;
  • Operations Engineers and Staff;
  • Piping Engineers;
  • HSE Specialists;
  • Maintenance Engineers and staff; and
  • Managers

Course outline

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Pipeline overpressure protection, surge pressure protection;

Operation – normal operation, start-up, shut down, scraping, sphering, etc.

Condition monitoring – intelligent pigging, UT, etc.

Environmental considerations – construction through environmentally sensitive areas, mitigation of impact from accidental spillage.

Pipeline types, design codes and standards;

Components of pipeline systems – pig launchers and receivers, booster stations,etc.;

Basic design – wall thickness, valve selection, crossings, protection from external damage, protection from corrosion, etc.

Connectivity to on-plot systems – slug catchers, etc.

Construction – Buried versus surface lay, road crossings, animal crossings, terrain types and design factors;


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