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Well Stimulation: Matrix and Fracture Acidising

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Course overview

The Matrix Acidising course starts out with coverage of determining formation properties of sandstones and carbonates on micro and macro scale. Formation damage affects well performance and project economics. As such, emphasis is on damage that that occurs during drilling, cementing, perforating, producing and working over of wells, and the appropriate damage identification / remediation / removal techniques.

Acidising well candidate selection is given special attention, followed by coverage of fluid selection, matrix acid treatment design, and, placement / diversion techniques. Energised fluids are also covered, as they offer distinct advantages, followed by quality assurance / quality control, and safety.

The course is designed for

  • Completion engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Drilling engineers
  • Field supervisors
  • Production foremen
  • Engineering technicians

Learning objectives

  • Know the formation properties and matrix structure of sandstones and carbonates
  • Select successful acidising candidates. Apply matrix acidising treatments, identify effects of acidising
  • Determine the formation response to acid, apply methods to control precipitates, determine the correct fluid composition, volumes and staging sequence of preflush, treatment, postflush and/or overflush
  • Review matrix acidising design guidelines, acid type and concentration, retarded HF acids, acid placement and formation coverage
  • Apply diversion techniques: mechanical, chemical, foam or particulates, and advanced acid diversion for horizontal wells
  • Know acids, acid additives and acid systems, and, carryout well preparation, job supervision, safety, quality control, environment protection, injection-rate control, and monitoring, and understand pressure behaviour during acid injection
  • Perform on-site evaluation of acid treatment effectiveness, acid production control, produced fluid sampling and acid treatments
  • Be aware of all wellsite hazards, especially hydrogen sulphide

Course outline

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Energized fluid applications

Quality Assurance


Formation properties and Well Data

Formation damage and removal

Matrix Acidizing 


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