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Oil Production and Processing Facilities

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Course overview

This course will cover the topic of surface facilities required for the production of crude oil from oilfields and to process it in a central processing facility to produce export quality crude. Basics of this subject shall be covered from Process Engineering point of view and how these engineering decisions can affect other aspects of oilfield operations shall be discussed in brief.

The course is designed for

This course is intended for those disciplines listed below, as well as anyone with a specific interest in the topic.

  • Process Design Engineers;
  • Operations Engineers and Staff;
  • Piping Engineers;
  • Pipeline Engineers;
  • HSE Specialists;
  • Maintenance Engineers and staff; and
  • Managers

Course outline

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Associated gas – a boon or a bane?

Oil processing equipment – dehydration, stabilization, storage, pumping and metering

Gas processing equipment – Dehydration, dew pointing, LPG recovery, compression, metering and export. No continuous flaring!!

Produced water treatment

Utilities – Pressure relief, blow down, flare and vent systems

Oilfield chemicals and their importance for processing operations

Environmental considerations

Oilfield Development and its main components

Gross wellhead fluids – composition and contaminants

Why is processing of gross fluids necessary – finished product specifications

Equipment used in oilfields

Oilfield layout and selection of equipment location

Well pad equipment

Equipment in the Central Processing Facility


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