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Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists

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Course overview

In each oil company and other enterprises and institutions handling petroleum geology information, the majority of employees has no geological background, however, all these people have a frequent contact with very specific terminology, reports or other documents  often without real understanding or only a partial understanding of what they mean. The course will help them to resolve the puzzle by finding the right place for detached pieces of information captured at their work, to position more correctly their contribution to the company, its value and, often, its urgency.

The course is designed for

  • All technical staff and administration employees and managers of oil companies with no prior geological education or training
  • Employees and managers of other organizations in the energy sector
  • Any non-geoscientist who needs or has the curiosity to learn basis of petroleum geology (participants educational level has no importance) 

Learning objectives

The target of this course is to acquire the essential information about the oil business and petroleum geology in particular, to better understand daily job tasks and their purposes. Better understanding permits better communication with geologists and other geosciences specialists and increases employees implication in the work process and, consequently, their performance. Participants will get more self-confidence and will feel more comfortable when working and communicating with their colleagues exploration and reservoir geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and other geosciences specialists.

Course outline

Petroleum business disciplines

Key hydrocarbon research methods and information application

Full cycle from a research work to hydrocarbon production

Hydrocarbon reserves

History of petroleum exploitation

The Earth, rocks and a brief overview of their origin and main categories

Depositional environments

Geological time

Hydrocarbons origin and types

Reservoir rocks and their properties, source rocks, HC migration, sealing and trapping



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