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Paul Champ

Paul Champ Esanda TrainingPaul Champ is a Senior Geoscientist with over 15 years of experience in the petroleum industry, with a decade of those working directly as a consultant Principal Geomodeller. He obtained his degree in Geology from the University of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. He is also director of his own geomodelling consultancy firm, Blackrock Modelling Pty. Ltd. Paul has developed a strong working relationship with a number of clientele in the Australasian and SE Asian petroleum industry, as well as internationally, and has upheld a strong reputation for geomodelling capacity and capability along with prominent project management and project development skills.

Having built over 75 separate static geomodels as a dedicated geomodeller, he has developed a knowledge base of reservoir characterization techniques and methods for many different classifications of oil and gas fields. These models have incorporated fluvial channel sandstone reservoirs, deltaic and shallow marine environments, on-lapping and truncated multi-reservoir systems, incised channel reservoir modelling, advanced object modelling and channel geometries, heavy oil to tight gas fields, carbonate reservoirs, onshore, offshore, deepwater and shallow target fields, gas storage, complex structural regimes, complex fault intersection and truncated faulting.

It is from this experience in all types of reservoirs that Paul has developed many robust and technically sound geomodelling methodologies and workflows, that have been targeted to the specific field and setting to ensure that the geology and well data provided has been properly represented in the 3D static geomodel.

3D geocellular modelling also involves many facets of troubleshooting and problem solving and involves levels of lateral thinking required when working in 3D space. His experience in developing and mastering these traits has enabled him to become an expert in his field of geomodelling.

International experience: Australia, New Zealand, UK, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.

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