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Christine Telford

Christine TelfordChristine Telford is an innovative individual with a passion for geology with more than 36 years’ experience in the oil industry. Throughout her career, she has been a mentor and coach and, since 2009 has been lecturing and teaching in both academia and to oil industry professionals.

 Her key experience is in planning and executing oil and gas wells worldwide. Specialising in complex geological environments and technically challenging projects where risk identification, mitigation and management is fundamental to success.

Conference presentations and published papers include pioneering the use of 3D visualisation for engineering and geoscience team integration and risk identification, cost reduction on challenging projects and geosteering success on extreme extended reach wells. As a founding member of OGICA (Operations Geoscience International Competency Assessment) Initiative Christine is committed to defining and assessing geoscience competency at all levels of experience.

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