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Dr Maria Enrica Mazzella

Maria Enrica Mazzella Esanda TrainingMaria Enrica Mazzella graduated in Naples (Italy) in Structural Geology. She obtained her Doctoral Degree at the Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Federico II, Naples University on active tectonic and 2D-3D interpretation and modeling of seismic sections and GPS data. During that period she made four oceanographic surveys for research purposes in Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Upon receiving her Doctoral Degree Maria made an ISPRA stage about 3D modeling of offshore structure, followed by a year of post-doctoral fellowship at Dipartimento di Fisica e Geologia, Perugia University, on subsoil geologic modeling for the exploration and production of energetic resources.

Maria is now a member of IntGeoMod since January 2013. She is the “Educational” supervisor and responsible for geophysics and geology research. Her research topics include: morphostructural analysis; stress and strain analysis in active tectonic settings; acquisition, interpretation and 3D-4D modeling of seismic and geodetic data; geological modeling softwares.

Maria has 8 years of teaching experience for undergraduates, graduates students: active tectonics, field survey, geological structural model software, seismic interpretation.

She is one of the Senior tutor for the International Geosciences Petroleum Courses sponsored by ENI oil Company and ECU (Eni Corporate University).

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