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Reservoir Geology

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Course overview

This course summarizes the reservoir geology work and evaluation methods and focuses on key issues of geological support to drilling planning and drilling operations. In all operating companies, the G&G technical staff and management is from time to time exposed to well planning, drilling operations preparation and follow up. This exposure can be very irregular and the company available staff may not be ready to perform this exercise. The course is designed to help those who are beginners in the drilling support or wish to have a brief reminder of the related routine work. It is very practically oriented and complementary to reservoir characterization or modeling courses.

The course is designed for

Geoscientists and managers who are not well-site or operations geologists but are occasionally involved in exploration or development drilling process; the participants do not need to have any experience in drilling engineering but they are expected to have an educational background or work experience in petroleum geology or geophysics. 

Learning objectives

Discuss and practice the "golden" rules of efficient and successful G&G support to drilling operations.

Course outline

Application to drill and drilling program documents

Operations follow-up, QC


Drilling results, learning lessons

Do YOUR homework first - reservoir studies

Project management - timing, budget etc.

Targets and predictions

Well program, evaluation methods


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